6 Suites for violoncello solo BWV 1007-1012


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A unique research

Historical research, instrument set-up research, a new edition, and a recording. Project made in Berlin. The revival of a lost technique, a new sound.

By Marianne Dumas

prelude 1 in G baroque cello marianne dumas


Berlin 1752

 Some move the bow as it is customary on the viola da gamba, that is, instead of a down-stroke from left to right for the principal notes, they make an up-stroke from right to left, beginning from the tip of the bow."

J. J. Quantz, Berlin, 1752 

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Research by Marianne Dumas

the author

My aim as an artist is to combine knowledge and development of tradition. I am always searching for answers and new questions...
This research project about the origins of the violoncello was part of my Cello Biomechanics research and cello method project.

My playing is forged from rich musical experiences in France, USA, Latino America, Spain, and Germany. Now based in Berlin and in the Bassin d'Arcachon in France, I am about to finish my Cello Biomechanics research project. You can visit The Cello Practice Helper and read more about m work.

Marianne Dumas


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